Dec 2, 2016

Writing for nobody

     This is a relatively new blog, and my audience is inexistent. This post will most likely get lost among the others. Obviously I hope to get some feedback in the future, but for now, this feels refreshing. So many people I knew personally followed my last blog that I felt censured. I couldn't express myself, because all the feelings that I wanted to write about, I was hiding from them. It feels good to have a corner on the internet where I can just say the stuff I want without worrying about who is reading it. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Carol
    Your audience may be small for now but your content is really good. It can only go up from here.
    Do you have Twitter? It can really boost your popularity if you use it right.
    Love your blog so far and I'd love to get notifs when you post



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