Sep 17, 2016

Life can still be like play-doh

By Eleanor Macnair
     When we're kids, life is like play-doh, we can shape it to be the way it makes us happier. However, too much time outside and play-doh turns hard and sandy and runs between our fingers in crumbs when we try to shape it. Too much time passes, and life stops being malleable, and the world we live in is forced upon us as if there's nothing we can do to make it better. We stop caring about big wars going on in some place far away because it's none of our business; we stop being shocked with little injustices every day, because that's just how the world is; we never try to climb to the top of the mountain because we're convinced that we belong in the bottom, trying our best to protect our head and face from the feet of others with more guts that climb higher and higher. 
     We can't play with the play-doh anymore, because we stopped looking for a moment and it turned useless. But it doesn't have to be like that - I would like to keep playing, thank you very much.

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