Sep 15, 2016


Improvisation 28 by Kandinsky
(because I'm improvising a bit myself)
Hello. I'm Carol and I'm here for three reasons.

Reason number one: 
     As most of us do, I like to think of myself as not only something, but something else. I'm probably wrong. But then again, most of us are. But that doesn't stop us from creating amazing art, and books, and music, and movies; it doesn't stop us from being great at our jobs, great parents or great friends; it doesn't stop us from living the lives we want to. What does stop us is when we start thinking of ourselves as only something. So, bearing this in mind, I'm starting this blog as a way to constantly remind myself of things I believe are important, weather they make me laugh or cry or they make me think and be angry or they make me feel warm and happy. Because the things I believe are most important and that are close to my heart and mind are the things that make me something else, even if at first sight I don't seem like it. 

Reason number two: 
     It's always weird when we look at others and realize they live a complex life much like our own, that they don't just exist as outside stimulus to our own existence; maybe that's why it's so fascinating when we get to peak into their thoughts. So what I'm presenting here is an opportunity to travel through my own complex mind. Have a wonderful ride. Or don't. Totally up to you. 

Reason number three: 
     I dream of writing for a living and - as I'm constantly haunted by the terrifying idea that every minute I spend on a TV show binge is being wasted - I decided to do something about it.

     I want to share my experience as a human, and I want to share all of it, the things I love and the things I hate. I would like to think that there's someone out there reading what I write, but I understand that might not always be the case, and I accept that. It's okay either way, because ultimately I write for myself. 

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